About Us

Welcome to the official website of An Taclobanon Association 
of Southern California!

Dayonas it is said in Waray-Waray, the native language of Tacloban. This website is meant to be a gathering place especially for those who feel connected to that city by the sea that many of us call home.

Taclobanon means one who belongs to Tacloban - either by birth, through a loved one, or simply by choice. Like the fish that finds itself under the taclob or fish trap, we'd like to believe belonging to Tacloban comes naturally. 

Come, listen to the stories of our origins and vision as an organization, and witness how tradition and strong bonds continue to strengthen An Taclobanon's resolve to serve its community members in the U.S. and those living thousands of miles away in the islands of Leyte and Samar. 

Take part in our annual fiesta right here in Southern California to honor Senor Santo Niño of Tacloban, Patron of Leyte, and to spend day-long festivities of praying,  eating, dancing, and shooting the breeze with family and friends.

Know about the biennal Medical Mission, as the An Taclobanon community mobilizes time, talent, and treasure towards providing essential medical services to residents of the Leyte and Samar islands.

See how the Miss An Maglipayon contest transforms young women, their families and supporters into driven fundraisers for a cause. 

Experience the culture of a people brought together by the proverbial taklub  of tradition, sense of community, and a continuing commitment to serve.

May your visit be worthwhile. Thank you for dropping by.

Note: The header of this website is a photo of an oil painting of Tacloban by Taclobanon artist, the late Leo Villaflor.
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