An Maglipayon Night

An Maglipayon Night ………turning back the hands of time.

It all started just a little less than a century ago when three or four prominent families gathered on weekends for merienda cena and displayed their creative talents.  They sang, played musical instruments like the piano, violin or guitar, recited poems, or danced with their children.  And so was born a sociocultural group in the midst of the community.  They called themselves “An Kakurulpon”, perhaps because of the time of day they congregated, or maybe it was because the founding fathers were living the twilight of their years.

Years went by and more families joined the group.  Professionals like lawyers, doctors, businessmen and government officials became members of this elite society. “An Kakurolpon” then evolved into a bigger, yet exclusive and privileged organization that eventually took the name “An Maglipayon”.

Its biggest event was “An Maglipayon Night”, a dinner dance on Christmas Day highlighted by its presentation of the Muse selected for that year.  It was indeed a festive annual occasion graced by Tacloban’s elite.  “An Maglipayon Night” became an iconic fixture on Christmas Day - a great tradition which has withstood the test of time and was preserved despite financial and social upheavals in the city.

In December of 1989 An Taclobanon Association of Southern California brought here this great tradition, memorializing it every other year for more than two decades now.  Indeed, this joyous event born in our hometown 85 years ago is very much alive in Southern California.

We are especially proud that this biennial event here in Southern California has transcended this imported tradition. Here, it is not only a festive occasion but also a source of funds supporting the various charitable endeavors of the Association, particularly the biennial medical mission undertaken in our hometown.

An Taclobanon Association of Southern California recognizes with great pride and happily reminisces crowning 13 Miss An Maglipayon Queens: Rochelle Romana Mesa, Emily Urbayan David-Fajardo, Donna Urbayan Yasay-Kelsey, Joyce Ann Maron Jaojoco, Dorothy Joy Corregidor, Crystal Olmedo, Anna Lisa Gutierrez, Jhona Esperas Lataquin, Meniphae Paquillo, Jacklyn Vee Tate, Lucille Mae Pelayo Oandasan, Angelica Rose Pacheco Canete, and Abby Kur.

And so on November 21, 2015, just like the “Christmas Day An Maglipayon Night” halfway around the globe back in our hometown, we shall be merry!  We shall have fun with the fondest thought that again, as in years past, we undertook a noble task and brought it to a successful conclusion.

oin us then as we continue this happily nostalgic tradition and proudly present

The 2015 Miss An Maglipayon USA Pageant

Ramon D. Duarte
Mary Frances I. Makabenta

An Maglipayon: Then and Now by Alyssa Aguilos

From left: Alyssa Gray, 2nd Runnerup, Miss An Maglipayon 2015
Myracole Raga, and Chloe Ysidoro, 1st Runnerup
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