MAM Contest Rules


1. Be the daughter of a Taclobanon or a Leyteño i.e., a person who was born or who resided in   Tacloban/Leyte, or whose any parent/grandparent was born or resided in Tacloban/Leyte.

2. Be at least 15 years old, and not more than 25 years old by the date the Pageant is held.

3. Be single.


1. A Candidate shall refrain from taking part as a candidate in any other popularity contest(s) while her  participation in the An Maglipayon Pageant is in effect without the written consent of The Association.
The Candidate shall provide her gown, costumes and personal effects at her own expense for use during the Pageant.
3. The Candidate must diligently strive to outperform the other rival candidate(s). In addition, she must attend rehearsals and related production activities in preparation for the Pageant.
A Candidate may submit a written request to withdraw from the Pageant. The written request must be delivered to the Association on or before the third and last canvassing. This action shall constitute an automatic surrender of the Candidate's accumulated votes as of the start of the third canvassing to the Association. Such votes shall be used or disposed of by The Association in any way or manner that it sees fit. The Candidate shall henceforth forfeit any and all prizes, trophy, commissions and all monies collected as a result of her candidacy.
5. The Candidate who generates the most number of votes after the third canvassing shall be declared the winner of the title "Miss An Maglipayon USA". The candidate with the second highest number of votes shall be declared First Runner-Up, etc.


Votes shall be valued in U.S. currency as follows: 1 dollar = 1 vote. Therefore, $10.00 = 10 votes
2. Votes may be garnered and generated by the candidates as follows:
a. Sale of Ballots. The ballots herein referred to are the same as Raffle Tickets, which will be distributed equally among the candidates. Each ballot is priced at $1.00 and comes in a booklet of 20 ballots. Sale of ballots generated by The Candidate will be counted in her favor during each of the three canvassing schedules. Each Candidate shall be allotted 500 booklets (500 x 20 = 10,000). Additional ballots may be ordered by contacting the President of the Association.
b. Sale of Dinner Tickets. Dinner tickets herein referred to are the tickets for the An Maglipayon Night on the date of the Pageant previously determined by the Association. Dinner tickets shall also be equally distributed among the Candidates. Each dinner ticket will be valuated in the same manner as the ballots or raffle tickets. Sale of dinner tickets generated by The Candidate will also be counted in her favor during each of the three canvassing schedules. Each Candidate shall be allocated 100 dinner tickets.
Distribution of additional dinner tickets shall be controlled by the Treasurer of The Association. The deadline for the remittance of proceeds from dinner ticket sales shall be 30 calendar days before the third canvassing schedule. Dinner tickets not returned to the Association's Treasurer by the deadline date shall be considered sold and therefore payable to the Treasurer of the Association.
c. Sale and Commission of Advertisement Placements In the Souvenir Program. Paid advertisement placements generated by the Candidate will be counted in her favor during each of the three canvassing schedules.
The Candidate will be entitled to a 10% commission on ad placements. However, she will not receive cash back on said ads.
d. Cash Donations or Cash. Any cash donation or cash generated by The Candidate will be counted in her favor. These will be valuated in the same way as the ballots or dinner tickets. Personal checks are acceptable only during the first and second canvassing schedules and shall be made payable to the An Taclobanon Association of California.


There will be three (3) canvassing schedules.
2. For the first and second canvassing, there will only be one tabulation. On the third canvassing, there will be two tabulations.
3. At the end of each tabulation, the sum total of all votes obtained by each candidate shall be announced.
4. A Board of Canvassers will be responsible for the canvassing schedules and tabulations. Members of this Board shall be chosen from among the officers and members of the Association and shall be appointed by the President or his/her duly designated representative.
The decision of the Board of Canvassers is final.
5. In the event of a tie in the number of votes for the Miss An Maglipayon USA title between or among the candidates, at the end of the second tabulation during the third canvassing, there will be a special tabulation to break such a tie. The Association shall break the tie by giving the candidates one envelope each. They shall then donate an amount which shall be valuated as votes, just like votes garnered from the raffle tickets or ballots.
6. During the third canvassing, only cash, cashier's check, bank manager's check or money order will be accepted


1. A Candidate shall be entitled to receive a percentage of the total amount she generates in the sale of ballots, cash 
donations or cash. However, The Candidate shall not be entitled to any percentage from the sale of dinner tickets and/or advertisement placements. The calculation of percentage is as follows:

• $6,000.00 or more 40%
• $4,000.00 - 5,999.99 30%
• $2,000.00 - 3,999.99 20%

2. All candidates shall receive a trophy, sash and bouquet of flowers during the night of the Pageant.
3. The winning candidate shall have a picture of her choice printed on the cover of the Souvenir Program.


1. Candidates are accountable and/or liable for all ballots and dinner tickets issued to them. Although dinner tickets and/or advertisement placements generated by the candidates after the third canvassing will no longer count as votes in their favor, they may still continue to sell the same.
2. During the entire duration of the pageant, The Association shall not be held responsible for any accident or sickness that may befall a Candidate as a result of her campaign to solicit votes.
3. Each Candidate shall have one (1) reserved table at a prime location inside the ballroom for the coronation night.
4. The successful candidate shall endeavor to participate in the activities of the Association where her appearance may be requested.
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