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“Maraming Salamat for Showing us All How to Live,” Cooper Thanks the Filipinos

Tacloban Association holds mass for Yolanda victims

CARSON, Calif. – At a special mass vigil Filipinos with ties to the Visayas had their loved ones in their thoughts, offering prayers for the deceased,missing, and those fighting to survive.

“My younger sister Celesty who is still unaccounted for and also my elder brother that died from drowning,” Edwin Tiu of the Tacloban Association of Southern California sighed.

“One cousin is missing, we still don’t have any word on him,” Fleur Mendiola who hails from Leyte said. “But I was just told today the Mendiola clan in Tacloban, not one of them has been found yet and that really saddens me so much.”

“We haven’t heard from Perla Afable, and from Teresita Gonzales and their families,” Susan Urbayan David said.

The Tacloban Association of Southern California held a prayer vigil in Carson California helping bring some ease to Filipinos worrying over victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

Many of the association’s 200 members have friends and family members missing or dead. Making matters worse are reports of looting, and the slow relief efforts.

“I am sad to say that our government is there to help but the help is slow in coming,” Tacloban native Edna Asuncion said. “I’m sure they are helping in everything that they can but it’s very slow. We need them right now not tomorrow.”

The highest ranking Filipino in the U.S. Catholic Church, Los Angeles Bishop Oscar Solis, had also released a statement and plea for help to the nation’s largest Filipino Catholic community.

The statement, read aloud during the vigil, said: “I personally appeal to all our pastors and communities for compassion as well as immediate action in the spirit of Christian unity.”

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Typhoon Haiyan: Former Tacloban residents pray and hit the phones to organize disaster relief (photos)

The phone keeps ringing at Evelina Cui’s house in Pasadena.  It’s another friend, asking for the latest on Tacloban, her childhood home and the city hardest-hit by Typhoon Haiyan.

"It is really catastrophic destruction," Cui, an administrative assistant at Cal Tech told her friend. "I cannot even watch the TV anymore, because it is so depressing."

Death and devastation after Typhoon Haiyan

For so many people in the Philippines right now, surviving the Typhoon Haiyan was just the beginning of a nightmare. Busy cities like Tacloban are now completely devastated. In hard hit areas across the Philippines, there is not enough water, food, or medical supplies to go around. Anderson takes a look at the situation that is now being described as "worse than hell."

Typhoon Haiyan: Filipino Americans on devastated home town

19 November 2013 Last updated at 01:26 GMT

More than 3.4 million Americans trace their ancestry to the Philippines, according to the 2010 US Census, making Filipinos the second-largest Asian-American group in the US.

And the biggest group of Filipinos outside of the Philippines can be found in California. The community there is behind a massive fundraising effort to get relief to family and friends back home devastated by Typhoon Haiyan.

The BBC met a group from the Tacloban Association of Southern California who are raising money to help rebuild their hometown.

Typhoon Haiyan: The emotional toll for those tasked with rebuilding a city

18 November 2013 Last updated at 09:24 GMT

As the storm-ravaged city of Tacloban struggles to rebuild, the city's employees are starting to return to work.

One of them is city administrator Tecson Lim - tasked with co-ordinating much of Tacloban's rebuilding.

That job has brought long hours and an emotional toll.

The man who once kept the city running, now has to salvage what is left and start from scratch.

An Taclobanon partners with Bet On Your Baby Show, hosting a Christmas Party for Yolanda Evacuees in Manila
Jain Center holds a fundraiser for Typhoon Yolanda survivors
On behalf of the beneficiaries of its Typhoon Yolanda Relief Fund Drive, the An Taclobanon Association of Southern California expresses its deep gratitude to the Jain Center for its very generous donation. 

ATASC UPDATE: As of Dec 1, 2013 typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief Fund gathered will be sent to the following recipients:
1) $5,000 - Sto Nino Church
2) $5,000 - AGAPE Medical Mission, who are continuously seeing patients to date in Leyte and Samar through Dr Editha Miguel.
3) $5,000 - Kusog Tacloban, rebuilding of parochial schools (poorest) in Tacloban and neighboring towns.
$5,000 - Phil Assoc of Ex-Seminarians, continuously have logistics operation from Sto Nino Shrine in Commonwealth, QC to Palo for Leyte & Samar relief goods.
$5,000 - CEAP, aid rehabilitation for Catholic schools in Leyte through Doris Ferrer
$5,000 - ABS-CBN Bet on your Baby, Christmas special gift-giving to children-evacuees from Tacloban/neighboring towns who are now in Villamor Airbase. Show will be aired on Dec 7, 2013

Next recipients will be the various hospitals in Tacloban and other socio-civic organizations.

The ATASC Disaster Relief Fund is now converting to 501(c)3. Please help save and rebuild Tacloban 
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